A mix of monster hunter and god of war, with some final fantasy elements.

User Rating: 8.5 | Lord of Arcana PSP
Lord of arcana is a mix of RPG and action game. First, it start as a classic rpg, letting it chose about the character to play. It gives just a few options of skin color, hair styles and color and face style. Its bad that the games gives so few options. And with the leveling up, character customization about armors, weapons and items, that's pretty much what you will see of RPG in this game.
The game has a weak story that simple doesn´t matter in the evolution of the game and doesn´t act as a main part of the game. But it really doesn't matter, as the game goes well without it as the focus of the game is the action part.
The action part of the game is its best. It´s a mix of MMORPG with God of War. The battles takes the player to a separate place, where the battle goes with a circular limit. This limit is big enough to stage some great fights with huge dragons or griffins.
The battle is more elaborated than a common hack and slash. It takes a lot of time depending of the foe. For example, when you fight the Bahamut dragon, it takes about 20 to 30 minutes the first time. When the player is much more strong, it gets easier, but not easier enough to be an instant battle. It really doesn't matter how strong the Character is, some battles will always be tough and take a long time.
And maybe this is the weakest point of the game: the games doesn´t get any easy when the player advances in it. The difficult is really high. When the player is strong to pass all the current missions without big problem, the game throws an unnecessary difficult boss mission up ahead. It makes absolute necessary leveling up before every boss mission.
The graphics is good. It´s not the best you can find in the psp, but its not a bad one. It´s just right to the game genre. Tha sound is well worked and all the way you play, you think that you are actually playing a final fantasy. And it is a good thing.
Even with all the weak point, is a good game that make some great hours of fun. The multiplayer part is a good part and make the game a lot more interesting, giving extra material to the player. It has new missions and items on this. And that´s all about this game that can be said with words. If you like RPG and Actions games, you must give it a try.