its not even close to monster hunter! its great if u like to do flashy skills and magics plus summons!

User Rating: 7.5 | Lord of Arcana PSP
well i dont know why some ppl LOVE to say this game is like monster hunter but its not... except that u gather materials and give it to vendor to make armor and weapons for u and some of ur enemies are dragons too... nothing else is like monster hunter,
now down to business:

well this game have cool looking armors (armor is only 2 part helm and body) and weapons, and u have 5 kind of weapons, axe polearm, 2h sword, 1h sword, firelance (range weapon) and mace, thats all!

the game system more is dodge and slash, u keep get quests like monster hunter or any other psp RPG game and going to different places and after u are done u will get back to the little village, and give ur materials to the vendor for goodies, but thats all nothing else, no fishing or cooking or farm like monster hunter
game is more based on doing quest and get rewarded and unlocking abilitys

if u get close and touch an enemy u will be teleportet to battle ground to fight ur enemy they could be mulitple enemys or single enemy, (ex: like crisis core or any final fantasy series)

its much like phantasy star but faster and sharper with alot better control!,
1.attacks have nice effects and nice acrobat looking mostly and there is a finishier system like god of war,
2.the battle tactics are mostly dodge and slash not as tactical as monster hunter with a type of weapon will make it lvlup and unlock new abilitys and longer combo,
4.there is a magic system and summon system, u will get summons (ex: behemoth),
5.there is items that helps u in battle too with attacks or deffence magics

a little better than monster hunter with better physics (ex: capes moving looks great)

this game is mostly for ppl who love slashing and fighting with using magics and flashy skills, most of focus of game is in fighting than anything else, its not a hunter game like monster hunter which u had to make different tactics and traps to take ur enemy down, or going after ur farm or fishing to get ur materials,
as i said before its much like phantasy star 2 with much better battle and skills

i will give it 7.5 since there isnt alot of things to discover or plan in this game like monster hunter, in many aspects i do prefer monster hunter