Lord of Arcana Cheats For PSP

  1. Titles

    By performing various tasks, you can unlock "Titles", which is synonymous in this case with "Achievements" or "Trophies".

    Collect over 500,000 gold. Celebrity Lifestyle
    Defeat a Grendel-Type monster 30 times Dancing Swordlight
    Defeat 30 or more Bahamut-type monsters Dragon Hegemony
    Defeat 15 or more Bahamut-type monsters Dragonier
    Defeat a Grendel-Type monster 5 times Embracing Risk
    Defeat 15 or more Vermilion-type monsters Emperor
    Complete 100 Quests Explorer of Eternity
    Complete 50 Quests Explorer of the Abyss
    Defeat 30 or more Agni-type monsters Fire Spinner
    Defeat 30 or more Hecatoncheir-type monsters Giant
    Defeat 5 or more Hecatoncheir-type monsters Grace Under Pressure
    Defeat 15 or more Hecatoncheir-type monsters Gravity
    Defeat 5 or more Bahamut-type monsters Heavenly Ruler
    Defeat a Seigfried-Type monster 5 times Impervious Soul
    Defeat a Seigfried-Type monster 15 times Knight
    Defeat 5 or more Azdaja-type monsters Poison-Eater
    Defeat 30 or more Vermilion-type monsters Scarlet King
    Defeat a Nidhogg-Type monster 5 times Shattering Soul
    Defeat 5 or more Vermilion-type monsters Slashing Soul
    Defeat 5 or more Agni-type Monsters Soul Of Fire
    Defeat 30 or more Azdaja-type monsters Two-Headed
    Defeat 15 or more Azdaja-type monsters Viper
    Defeat 15 or more Agni-type monsters Volcano
    Defeat a Grendel-Type monster 15 times Warrior

    Contributed by: magicman66044, Xashowd, SMuffinMan