Not horribly terrible, but DEFINATELY not good. This is the biggest disappointment I've ever set myself up for.

User Rating: 4.5 | Looney Tunes: Acme Arsenal WII
I, like many others, thought I was going to be fighting Looney Tunes villians of all sorts in all kinds of cool vehicles and awesome weapons.

Sometimes things just don't turn out the way you want them to. Sometimes they are downright crappy. This game is solid proof.

Just a note, I've only played the Wii version. It, I'm sure, was the crappiest among the systems it's on.

When you are first getting to the main screen, pressing the Nunchuck the tiniest bit throws off the center, so it drifts and makes menu selection impossible. It takes a keen eye to spot where in the manuel it tells you how to fix this problem.

Next is the ever-so changing difficulty. One second you're bored out of your wits, and the next you're wondering if there's a way to get past this part. Rarely is there a time in between when it's fun and gripping.

There are several bugs in the game, such as a cutscene at the end of the level that was the repeat of the opening cutscene, but the sound was apparently correct. So crappily done.

Now, the controls. Where do I begin? First, there's the programmers' logic. They think, "This game system is the most motion-oriented system on the market. Let's have our game be nothing but wrist strain!" Yeah, no. Sorry. The most basic attacks are moving the Wiimote left or right, which only 75% of the time actually are picked up and the character responds. Then there's the Nunchuck. It's motion is a quarter-turn left or right. It is the most complicated motion ever, in which less than 25% of the time it is recognized. And if you hold it in exactly the wrong place, your character will spin uncontrollably.

And now the camera. By holding down "Z" when you don't have a gun, it automatically centers the camera behind you. Not so frustrating? Wrong. If you start moving it will constantly move behind the character, moving the camera so much you get a seizure. And then there's when you are jumping a particularily hard gap. It chooses just in the middle of the jump to shift, throwing off the controls and veering you off in the completely wrong direction, almost always an instant death. It just consistently is giving you the worst viewpoint possible.

Then there are the invisible blocks and explosives. On one particular vehicle level (which are a waste of time, by the way), it took me about 10 tries to get around a certain blocked off area. The obvious way was abstucted by an invisible wall, and I guess the designers thought it would be obvious to jump between the gap too high for the camera to get a good look of. And on a couple levels, you would walk along and suddenly, an explosion would knock loose coins, half your Illudium, and a good portion of your health.

And that's just the story mode. The multiplayer mode might be a fun experience for those first-time players who are totally ignorant of the game's lack of everything, but looking deeper into it really shows it's suckatude. All but 1 level was way to dark to see anything, and that got real old fast, and it was really hard to navigate. There was no way to check the score without pausing and bringing a complete stop to the action.

This is only for those who can afford to spend thirty bucks for an hour and a half of fun and for those Looney Tunes collectors who have to have everything Looney Tune. Otherwise, DO NOT BUY IT. You may want to reconsider renting it or borrowing it. The Wii version of this game all out SUCKS.