really fun and wacky inveneted shooter game

User Rating: 9.5 | Looney Tunes: Acme Arsenal PS2
loony tunes acme arsenal is arcade shooter in where bugs bunny,taz,daffy duck,marvin the martian,foghorn leghorn and the rest of the crew where they must take on the evil doctor in wacky stages in where they must solve riddles and then go forward to use their weapons on enemys.the story mode is great but the best part of acme arsenal is the multiplayer which really proves the name of the game as you select anyone from daffy duck to taz and select a maze filled map with wacky guns like the marshmallow gun and boxing gun to poweful guns like a shotgun or flamethrower.i really like the multiplayer because its not serious, its just a fun filled shooting game in where each charcter has a catchphase of his own when he is shot.i would rate this game 9.5 because it may not be a classic or one of the most popular games today but it really should place a mark on the top 10.