All and all, Looney tunes: Acme arsenal winds up as a fairly disappointing experience.

User Rating: 5.5 | Looney Tunes: Acme Arsenal PS2

- 8 different playable Looney tunes character.
- Dozens of different goofy weapons at your disposal.

- Camera has a mind of it's own.
- Borrows heavily off the R&C series.
- Weapons are mostly useless.
- Dull and unclear plot.
- Short game time.
- Combat is very repetitive.
- Suffers from poor exacution.

Gameplay: 4 - If you are fan of the 'Ratchet and Clank' video-game series, then you can agree that Looney Tunes: Acme arsenal borrows a few specific elements from that title, except not nearly as much fun. Normally you will end up having to mow your way through dozens of enemies that all happen to be the same by continuously mashing down on the attack button until your enemy is finally dead, this control scheme gets pretty tedious after a rather short amount of time.

You will also find vending machines scattered across almost every level where you need to spend the coins you've collected throughout the level on skins for one character which and most of skins are rather bland and aren't really worth buying at all. Most of the vending machines will hold some goofy weapons that the Looney tune character you are controlling at that point can use, this is one of the main elements that the game borrows off the 'Ratchet and Clank' series. You may think that you are going to have a lot of fun firing bullets, sawblades, lazers etc. at your opponents, but in reality it isn't even remotely fun in anyway what so ever. The control scheme is pretty much the same as when you are in melee combat except with a different button and you are attacking from a range. Your weapon is highly unlikely to live beyond a small wave of enemies because the targeting system is terrible and the projectiles cause less damage then your fists do, so if you want to save your time (and your coins) just rely unitirely on melee combat to get past your enemies.

It also appears that at times, the camera seems to have a mind of its own, like when you are about to jump (or double-jump) from one platform from another platform across a height that will cause you to restart from the most recent checkpoint you went past, as you exacute your jump, the camera will almost always decide to that its bored of watching you jump across another platform so it decides to turn the other way and look somewhere else, this will almost always cause you to fall to your demise and then have to do it all over again from the most recent checkpoint you went past.

Sound: 5 - Honestly, there isn't really much to say about the sound, other then the voice-acting, sound is also rather repetitive considering that the exact same annoying music will be played over and over in almost every level you come across in each time era. The sound is only elavated by the voice-acting, which I must say is pretty solid, but unfortunately the annoying and repetitive background music renders the sound to be slightly below average. (Just like most of the game.)

Plot: 4 - The plot is actually rather unclear and fairly dull and uninteresting. According to Gamespot, Wikipedia and a few other gaming and non-gaming websites: Your suppose to go back in time and save the Looney tunes ancestors from being destroyed by some alien hi-tech robots sent back in time as well by some ugly scientist with a big head who's name escapes me almost completely. Unfortunately the storyline isn't made very clear because most of the time you are just thrown or forced into a time-portal for no clear explanation as to why, and eventually once you reach the final level in that era, you will save one of the Looney tunes ancestors.

Graphics: 7 - Graphics are rather average for the games respective console, although the environments the levels are set in tend to be rather bland and uninspired, (kinda like most of the game) particularly the levels that are set sometime during World war I or II when you are trying to save Foghorn Leghorn's ancestor from an untimely demise.

Overall: 5.5/10

All and all, Looney tunes: Acme aresnal winds up as a fairly disappoiting experience, only a truly die-hard Looney tunes fan would be able to look past the games many flaws and find a pretty average gaming experience. If you are merely just your average, ordinary Looney tunes fan, you are probably going to find this not only a rather boring experience, but also a repetitive and uninspired one. If the developers had put more effort into designing an enjoyable game and putting the Looney tunes license to good use, they would of none the game didn't have all of these horrible flaws and glitches.

Thank you for reading my honest review of: Looney tunes: Acme arsenal.