The old school silent hill feel + more

User Rating: 9 | Lone Survivor PC
This game has one of the best nostalgia feelings to date. Everything about this game screams at you Silent hill ! Silent hill... This is by far the best blow to the senses I have experienced in any game trying to be like others.
The game can't be described without ruining its greatness so I won't go into great detail. All I will say is that this game is a mini gem that, if your a fan of the original silent hill feel, you should not miss!! and I can't stress that enough.

For one man to accomplish this is incredible. Usually the only kind of people who can create something this amazing on there own are called artists and he deserves that title. It nothing incredibly mind blowing but it is to be noted one man doing something this original with no help is a great achievement and will leave people hoping for another game by him soon.

Sorry if I'm giving away to little about the game but to the people who it concerns.. You will thank me :) Anyway that's my review and I hope it makes you eager to play this weather your a silent hill fan or not :) Enjoy all the same.

Peace xxx