Indies games never disappointed me :)

User Rating: 10 | Lone Survivor PC

Well I really wasn't expecting anything of this game didn't even hear of it but I'm glad I did!!

Lone survivor is a pure old school survival horror in 2D, and dont be scare about 2D because the graphics are pretty good and the atmosphere is just amazing,

Foggy, very dark and creepy plus bizarre = pure win :)

No unlimited bullet or weapons, just a handgun and a few very few bullets to kill the enemies, most of the time you will have to try to avoid them by hiding, you can hide in the walls and lure them with meat (like Silent hill 3).

Everything you do from the begging of the game to the end will change the ending, for instance if you kill all the enemies you will see something and ending but if you dont kill them all will change it too, same happens when you meet npcs, you can help them or not and this will change things in the game and the ending.

Aside from eating and cooking your food you will have to sleep all the nights in your home, once you sleep you save your game.

You have 3 kinds of pills to use, the pills are drugs and when you fall asleep every pill will represent something in your dreams, I want spoil you what, but when you wake up the decision of taking and the color of it will give you some item to help you, for instance if you sallow a blue pill when you wake up you will have ammo for your handgun but you only get 4 pills of each color and if you take them all you will get addicted and this will change the ending too.

The food works as health, and there are a lot of food in the game, if you eat something raw you will make you ill so you will have to cook it in your home and it will help you, even if you are not low on health you need to eat, just like you need to rest

You can choose to help an npc by giving them the pills you have, the ammo, food etc and by return they will give you something you dont have, for instance if you give an npc bullets he will give you flares that helps to pass through a lot of enemies at the same time but dont kill them, by the way the enemies dont re spawn! :)

Those are just a few things of the game!

Your home is like your base, you will sleep and save there, use the mirror in your home that servers as a quick travel spot, you will find mirror through out the game.

The music is great really and fits perfect with the game, sad there is no voice acting at all but you can expect something like this in a game made by 1 guy, aside from the the map is a not very easy to understand.

The game have 6 endings so there is a lot of replay value, is not a very long game maybe 5 hours, but with all the endings it will keep you playing for a long time.

Is a very complex and deep game, a must play for any fan of survival horror!