The worst game I've played in a long time.

User Rating: 1 | London 2012 - The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games PS3
Edit: My bad that I reviewed PC version on PS3 page. It's about PC, but the most annoying flaws are still present.

As soon as I fired up the game I felt that something is not quite right here.

I did not have high expectations since the official review was average, but I am not the type who asks for much.
The problem is this game won't satisfuly even a non demanding person like me.

I'll keep it short, but here are few points that made me uninstall it immediatelly:

* It does not support 1920x1200. Only 1920x1080. My 27 inch Samsung does not work well with 1080. No idea why didn't they include that resolution (lazy port?).

* Licensed game, yet the names of athletes are randomized. Come on.

* There's no tennis. Seriously? The only reason I installed this was because of tennis. There's only table tennis, but that's not even close to fun as real tennis.

* Where is Serbian team? Licensed game and not including a nation with athletes like Novak Djokovic and probably the best vaterpolo team in the world? Pathetic.

Therefore, this game is a complete waste of time and money in my case. I could not even give it a 1.5. It's completely unplayable.