Epyx Summer Games I & II were the best.

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Any old folks here? if so do you remember how they had an acurate national anthem playing? Yet almost 30 years later no olympic game has had this feature hmhm? C64 had 64 kb . Just sayin.

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I loved Summer Games. Especially when you had to rotate the joystick in circles to run. Awesome. Never did get Summer Games II but I did want it. Played it years later and it wasn't as special as the original Summer Games. EPYX was the best.

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Yup, had both. Always liked the first one better though. National Anthems. Yeah, well, the problem is today is a different time than then. Video games are mainstream, Olympics are commercialized, everyone is out for money. Want to use the Olympic logo, not without approval and royalties. Want to use some Country's anthem, not without approval and royalties. Want to use some athlete's real name, not without approval and royalties. I'm surprised that they are even allowed to have sports in the game at all. Because you know, if you try to have the pole vault, the company that makes the glue that the Olympic pole vaulting pole manufacturer uses to glue it's labels on with will sue because they didn't give their permission. OMG, they rendered the grass green! Now the Association of Grass Growers is suing too because they weren't consulted and credited. Etc.. As sarcastic as this was meant to be, the sad truth is that it's a lot closer to reality than we think.
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Summer Games I and II , Winter Games , Hyper Sports were the best of all time . Why cant thos losers make an up to time sports olympic game ? Dont know but its ludicrous .

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O man those games where great, played them alot, even my older brother liked to play that. The olympic games these days are awefull actually.
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I remember Epyx Summer Games for Commodore 64. I absolutely could not get enough of that stuff.