Worth 60 bucks?

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Hey everybody, I kinda need help deciding if I should get this game now for 57 bucks or waiting for it to go down to about 45. (By the way, if anybody has extra Ash skin code they want to PM me, please do so, and I will friend you on xbox. i will PM my gamertag.) Thanks to anybody who responds!

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Yeah. Its short but its fun to replay through to get all costumes, combos, mp3s, and art work. And high scores.

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It depends. If you have no problem playing through a game a handful of times, if you have no problem with spending $60 on any given game, etc., then I think $60 is a good price. If you're the type of person who normally only plays through a game once or twice, then I'd wait for a price drop.

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Its hard to say..I got mine for 38 and I'm considering taking it back. I beat the game, and I like the game, but the combat mehcnaics kinda ruin it for me.
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You should have gotten it on Amazon while it was $45 there like I did. But after checking again, I see that it's now $48.45 on Amazon. If you're not sure about spending $60 on it, you can get it from there and choose the free shipping option.