Should I get this?

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I really liked both No More Heroes and Shadows of the Damned. As well as two James Gun movies I seen. I like Tara Strongs work too but that is less relavent.

It was the combat and bosses I liked most about No More Heroes. I hear Lollipop Chainsaw has similar but worse combat.

In Shadows I prefered the humor and loved Suda's vision of hell.

On paper I should like Lollipop Chainsaw but I am uncertain. My Main concern is the length, were it longer I probably would of bought it by now.

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It depends. If you have no problem with replaying a game multiple times to get all of the unlockable content (music, MP3s, concept art, combos, etc.), then I'd get it. If you only want to play through the game once or twice, then I'd wait for a price drop as the game is relatively short (6 or so hours per playthrough at the very most).