How many combos are there / NG+ Question..

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Just wondering how many combos juliet can buy. I think i have 2 left but im not sure if once you clear out the store of them you get more depending on any variables? or do you unlock all of them your second play through and thats it? and does the same go for the costumes? and also, i notcied some trophies have you going through the whole game again, and theres only a level select, so does doing all the levels in the correct order count? specifically i mean the save all survivors trophy. thanks

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im still unlocking costumes after beating the game, however i think ive unlocked all combos... i have the same question about the happy ending... im guessing you need to save whatevr survivors u have left , then go beat the last level... i know of one survivor ive missed in the school that is in a room with exploding zombies...