My favorite game growing up. Better than any other version of Lode Runner.

User Rating: 9 | Lode Runner C64
This game was my all-time favorite game when I was growing up. The gameplay was fast, fun, and never got old. As you get higher into the levels, the level design gets more difficult and the enemies get faster. It can get quite frantic. My brother and I also had hours of fun designing levels of our own; each of us trying to design a level that would outfox the other.

After the Commodore 64 was put in the attic and I left for school, I still fondly remembered playing Lode Runner. I have played several other versions of Lode Runner, hoping to find a good match to my childhood love, but no other version compared. I recently came across our old Commodore 64 while helping my mom move some old stuff. Right there with it was my cherished game! This simple little game is the prized piece of my collection, even if it is for sentimental reasons.

In my opinion, the Commodore version of Lode Runner is by far the best version of the game! Find it, and try it. You will not be disappointed.