Well i would have written a review earlier but........that was then and this is now.

User Rating: 10 | Lode Runner PC
Well the gameplay is addictive. I found it fun to kill those little red guys but they would always come back. I found it even more addictive to have friend play. I liked creating my own levels.. Those were good ol' days. The grapichs are are good(when it just came out). The music you don't really care about because the way you play is how it turns out. I don't know how many levels but it was just so addictive. The game is good..BUY IT OR SUFFER WITHOUT IT. Well i think i also got this game in a bundle so it also came with a pinball game but it isn't as fun as this game. But the problem was i lost the game so when i got a new pc i couldn't add it..