Old School gaming at its best!.

User Rating: 9.5 | Lode Runner X360
Call me old-school, but I enjoy this game more than any regular 360 tiltles. Great gameplay and simple controls combined with fast paced action and a clever concept makes this game a winner in my books...The multiplayer is unbelieveably fun and with a great level editor and online sharing there will always be something new! My only wish is that they included a few of the better versions from back in the day. They do provide a-little history and a picture of the original but a playable version would bring me back to my younger days and show others just how far its come.

Games like this and Braid are my personal favorite...well worth the 12-15 bucks in my opinion and I hope more developers jump onboard the 360 arcade and continue to re-incarnate these old-school classics. Lode runner is one of hundreds of great concepts from the days when gameplay and originality were the focus of developing a winner. I can only hope that Pitfall or Bagman is re-born in the same fashion as Lode Runner! I Love this game.