50 Levels of Pixilated Robots, Bricks, Ladders, Ropes, and...uh... Bricks is More Fun Than Previously Assumed

User Rating: 7.5 | Lode Runner NES
I recently purchased Lode Runner on the virtual console. I first heard of the game some 10 years ago, but never had any interest in playing it. If you like action-puzzle games, I definitely would pick this one up.

While the older version of the game supports 150 levels, the NES version shortened it to 50. The concept is simple collect all the gold in a level while avoiding the Robots (who look like Bomberman ) to advance to the next.

You can fall from anywhere in the screen without dying a Donkey Kong death. (It's happened to all of you out there.) You can't jump, (boo) but you can climb ladders and ropes like Superman on speed. Your only defense from the robots is a weird power to make bricks disappear, thus creating a trap to either slow down the robots, or crush them Death Star trash compacter style. The clever/dumb as the "friend code system" enemies (it seems to vary level to level) will follow you anywhere. One touch from them and your dead. In the panic of running you may slip into one of your own traps. As said before, you can't jump. At this point, you have 2 options. Die, or press select to start the level over.

The VC's support of a save system is nice but not necessary with this game. When you start a level, you can press select then A or B to cycle through all of the 50 stages.

All in all this game is wonderful. I know that there are dozens of other versions of this game on multiple platforms. So far, this is the only version I've played. But give it a chance, it's defiantly worth $5.