Hundreds of levels! So little time!

User Rating: 9.3 | Lode Runner PC
It isn't very often that I review PC games, the reason is, or was, depends on the timeframe, was that there weren't many early PC games on this site when I started reviewing, and also I wanted to give the Commodore more substance on this site, since it was barely mentioned.

The game is about a treasure hunter, grabbing treasures in the jungle, but he has to dodge angry natives! This is no easy task, but when you get cornered you can burn a hole in the platform to trap the enemy one at a time temporarily, there are hundreds of levels, it is fun, it is addictive, one of the best efforts from Broderbund Software who made some nice, arcade quality titles like "Choplifter" and "Seafox".

The graphics, since at the time PC's had 4 color graphics, are simplistic but well done. The sound has few effects and little dittys like "Charge!" when you finish a level.

It's a game that keeps on going.