Whats new? NOT.. ALOT !!!

User Rating: 7 | LMA Manager 2007 PS2
We all remember Code Masters LMA Manager 2006 with its new improved layout and more In-Depth Transfer market system as well as the great Commentary by Gary lineker and Alan Hanson.
This time around LMA 07 is much of the same which isn’t a bad thing as if it’s not broken, why fix it?

However LMA fans were expecting some sort of difference well in this game….. There is none. The layouts the same, the customization’s the same, the Graphics are pretty much the same ECT…

Also with LMA 2006, LMA 2007 is very repetitive in the fact that there would be no difference if you played the game for 20 minutes or 2 hours as there are no unlockables or achievements to be found and its just game after game after game…

So what’s good and new about this game you ask?

Well you’ll be very happy to know that the 2 player mode is still very enjoyable for most of the time as well as very competitive but what ever goes up…. Must go down and just like all the previous LMA games the 2 player mode is very lengthy and tedious due to the repetitiveness.

Again although not really changed dramatically enough the 3D match engine has been improved and for what it is the Frame Rate works most of the time even though here and there you get the odd player glitching past the goal keeper and scoring.
Also lets not forget the Transfers and teams as they have been updated obviously from 2005/06 to 2006/07 which is good game play wise, and also not really updated but still fantastically detailed would be the transfer system in which you can buy, sell or even loan players out in basically everyway possible.

To conclude even though you may be disappointed with the amount improved within the game its still a must buy due to the fact that the 2 player mode is more fun than ever and also to manage you updated transferred teams.