Doesn't change much from previous LMA games but a true fan of the series shouldn't be too bothered by that

User Rating: 8 | LMA Manager 2007 X360
I have been playing these games for years and they have given me a lot of fun and every year the game gets better. While it doesn't change that much about the gameplay, I think we should be grateful that it has managed to keep the great addictive fun in it. The big changes in it this year would be the in depth level of custimisation and also the new match engine. The main normal mode is brilliant but where I think this years version excels is definetly the fantasy team, the level of customisation is at it's best here as you can customise team stadium, club badge, name, manager and of course with the money you are given customise your team.

The game is presented in a great way graphically wise, although it's not a graphical achievement it's a very well presented game and it makes it easier to navigate and the easy navigation of the LMA series has always been a strong point for it, although it lacks the depth that othere manager games like football manager have it is ten times easier to navigate and therefore can be picked up by a wider audience of game fans. The manager customisation always looks very well with lots of different hairstyles, clothes and even facial customisation. It doesn't just let you create your manager and then not use him, the manager you created reacts to nearly everything that happens on the pitch in a different way.

The sound is... well... sound to be honest, the game doesn't need sound to excel but it uses it in areas to improve it and make it a bit liver like football one and the crowd. The only bad part about the sound would have to be this years title music, which is by far the worst song I have ever heard in a game and I never want to hear it again.

Overall LMA is a great game that excels everywhere you want it to, the only thing that I was dissapointed at was that it wasn't XBL vision camera enabled but I got over that pretty quickly. To a light football fan this game might be a bit heavy but for a heavier fan it's a must have (only £10 on amazon right now) and this could also be seen as a light strategy game to some.