LMA has been a great manager game over the years but this one is one of the worst.

User Rating: 6 | LMA Manager 2007 PS2
i love lma manager 2006 so i wanted lma manager 2007. it was hyped up to be one of the best manager game of all time. i read the reviews and watched the videos. it was meant to be great. the graphics is not bad and has a great 3d engine. the teams where great and the game play was good and your probable wondering why i m saying the game was so poor. but its not the game play or the graphics. it was the loading time and it took so much time to load. setting up the game, entering you details name and ect but going from day to day on the calender was so slow. it took about 1 min to load. after a while you get bored and just want to turn the console and cry.
the other areas of the game are good like one of the best stadium builder where i made the stadium in the game and the line up is good. the transfer system is good but takes about 10 days to get the player because you go through number the player and contracts. still good for hard core fans like me but turned off it.
do not buy this game, its a bad game and you need to have patiences. no go