need to check this out if you are a driving sim fan

User Rating: 8 | Live for Speed PC
Whether you race cars in real life, and like practicing on sims on your spare time, or you are into less realistic console sims, you should probably check out this game. The demo is free so there is no reason not to try it.
The physics in this game is amazing. and it's only made by a 3 man team.
The content is not that great, coming from a console player. you got 3 cars in the demo, and you can buy more with a liscence. but for $40, you still only get around 20 cars & 8 tracks. the only liscenced car I'm aware of is the Formula BMW. Theres a car that looks suprisingly similar to a and lotus elise but they are called it a racebout. There are not any tracks at the moment made to interest a drifter in particular. You can download self made autocross tracks, which are basically pilons in a parking lot.

I had trouble trying to get the lapper working outside an online server which displays points for drifting. If you like drifting and get a liscence you may be dissapointed that the only online server used the track from the demo and car, which made really little variety.