A good game if you want very accurate car physics and tons of tuning options. Many cars, so so graphics - try it out!

User Rating: 8 | Live for Speed PC
I have been fooling with this game for a bit and actually am drawn to it. I have been playing exclusively Need for Speed: Shift, Dirt2 and F1 2010. Those games eclipse Live for Speed in all areas but physics. I think that if you want a game with some highly accurate car physics, this one will give it to you.

However, it has some drawbacks, both are not deal breakers, though. The graphics are so so, but because this one is not backed by stacks of money, I can let it go. If you are looking to play this one in Single Player, you're gonna have some frustrations. The AI is a pain at times. This game is really meant to be an online racer, though.

The demo will give you a good and solid feel for it quickly. This is a racing sim for one who likes to tune and demands some true-to-life handling. Could it give some more eye candy? Yes...it is 2010, right?