I like this game's steering mechanics. I like it's real world feel.

User Rating: 8 | Live for Speed PC
In the demo, the XFI car is capable of real life tricks such as fishtailing nicely around corners where you can recover by steering in the opposite direction, just like in real life. Yes you can screw up, but you also have a fighting chance to keep things under control. It takes a little practice to get the handling down, but once you do, you'll be zipping and sliding all over the place while staying right on the butt of the computer controlled car. The key here is you will have control to boot! This game is not rediculously hard like some of the other racing sims, but it is a challenge while it builds confidence in the driver, that is if you do things just right. It is fun in the respect that once you start to get it, you realize that you can fight your way through the race rather than through a wall on every turn.
The demo only offers one track and car type, but it is still a good indication of the essence of the game. What may come across as mundane or dull to some racers, to me is a more realisitc feel of something that might be accessible to a person in real life.