LittleBigPlanet, one of the best games currently on the market

User Rating: 10 | LittleBigPlanet PS3
Ever since Media Molecule first showed off LittleBigPlanet, there
has been massive hype and many have thought that this was going to be a brilliant game. But how brilliant it was going to be was unsure to people. But, after a couple of months after release, I think people, including me, know the answer. Absolutley brilliant, an instant classic that every PS3 owner should buy no matter what, and with DLC packs and user created levels that have been made and are still coming thick and fast, I don't really think there's going to ever be an end to this success.

In LittleBigPlanet, you play cute little Sackboy, flexible and very easy to control. Some of the simplest controls I've ever seen in a game, outside the level creator. Jump is X, square is opening you Popit menu, obviously the analog stick is to move, and R1 to grab onto things.

Yes, you may of gathered by now, LittleBigPlanet is an extrmely cute and addictive game, due to this cuteness and the simple controls and gameplay. But as you go on in the story, things get harder and harder, the challenge gets bigger and sometimes you get extremely annoyed and think its impossible, but of course its not. The last level though isn't actually the hardest. Many would imagine it is, but its not, and its a couple of boss battles and overal a small level where patience is key. Patience is key in all of the levels, that's half of the challenge. Because you will be aiming to make jumps that seem impossible, but you just have to be patient like everything else in the game. But this isn't a problem, this is the challenge.

The other challenge is the level creator. Simple to use, but hard to master. You can create anything and everything and publish them online, and some are so skilled: some user created levels are fantastic and thing they used this level creator is impossible to think of, because its so good. The same goes with the actual story levels, which are also created in the level creator. There's so much variety here with all the objects and stickers you collect from the story levels that goes into your Popit menu. But as I said mastering takes skill. Lots of it, to say the least.

What makes it better is the music and catchy tunes, which makes the whole LittleBigPlanet experience a lot more fun, brilliant and addictive.

Your Popit is the home to everything you've collected in the story levels, which means costumes, stickers and objects. So in terms of decorating you home menu- the Pod, customizing Sackboy and making levels, there's a lot of variety.

Well, there's loads of variety in the whole game. With regular DLC, the user created levels, creating levels, and completing the story levels, along with playing the story levels mutiple times to get everything. And don't even get me started on the multiplayer, which, when trying to connect to a game, takes a long time and there is lag, but that can be solved with offline multiplayer- if you have someone, usually friends and family to play with, you and three others can play. That's the same amount online, too. You can also do this in your, or someone elses Pod, and on your, published or not, and someone elses user created level.

So LittleBigPlanet, then. The cutest game in history, and also one of the best so far. Created by a team of 30 people above a bathroom shop is even more incredible. Whatever you say about the incredibleness of LittleBigPlanet, its just one of the many positive things about this amazing game. If you own a PS3, please, for your own sake, go out and buy LittleBigPlanet.