Little Big Planet is amazing in terms of content, and value. And one of the best PS3 exclusives out there. Check

User Rating: 9.5 | LittleBigPlanet PS3
THIS is a great game! Little Big Planet is absolutely outstanding, and has sold over 3 million copies so far. Thats incredible coming from an Independent Developer.
(Media Molecule)

And it delivers absolutely everything. A very nice story mode, the ability to create your own levels with many materials, and items. And the best part, you can build anything, out of anything. For a retail price back then, the game packed more than enough than necessary, and it succeeds with every minute of it. You'll be having a blast online on PSN. And even have a blast playing with 2-4 players, on story mode, or create a level together. You'll be having a lot of fun with Multiplayer.

The greatest about Little Big Planet is how high the customization is. For your levels, and your little character, Sackboy, which you'll be probably customizing a lot of, and theres even stickers, and lots of them, you can put them anywhere. In a story level, in your levels, in someone elses level, or even on your little sackboy. In fact, Your Sackboy can be customized to your own likings using costumes that are either unlocked in the game, or bought as DLC from the PlayStation Store. Theres a whole lot of value and content, from creating levels, from to unlocking levels, to buying some DLC.

The story mode is short, a mere 7 hours, but if you want to find every little item in all the levels, you'll be playing for a week or two.

The soundtrack is great, both licensed, and composed by the creators. And you can even use the music in your level too.

A lot of you might hate the ps3, but you got to love Little Big Planet. its amazing in terms of content, and value. And one of the best PS3 exclusives out there. And theres a lot of great exclusives. Little Big Planet could've been a higher score than 9.5, but its held back bya kind of short story mode. But nothing that can take the fun out of Little Big Planet.