Very fun platform/creation game will have you hooked from the start.

User Rating: 9 | LittleBigPlanet PS3

The Good: The story is entertaining, easy and effective controls, amazing presentation, beautiful music scores, fun level creation, awesome online functionality, very descriptive tutorials.

The Bad: Story mode feels more like side quests than an actual story, gets extremely hard at later story levels, occasional camera issue in multiplayer.

When I first got the PS3, the one game that I really wanted to get was Little Big Planet. It looked so fun! The thought of a game where you make your own platform games is just awesome! Did I think the game was awesome? Yes.

In this game, you play as Sackboy. You go to a place where Creator Curators create worlds for people to explore. But, there's a person named the Collector that's stealing creations from the curators and not sharing them with people. It's up to you to explore the worlds and defeat the Collector. Okay, now onto the review.

The story is pretty charming. It's simple and definitely entertaining. I wouldn't say it's that impressive, though. The whole story mission feels like you're completing side missions and then you get to the final boss where the main story dumps in. The main story doesn't really carry out through the whole game. It's a minor complaint, though. It's also really hard at later levels. I like the difficulty, but with the lack of lives, it gets really frustrating sometimes! They're still entertaining and fun.

The controls are great. They're simple to use and takes practice to master. I like this. It gives a fair challenge to platforming. It's also fun just running around, jumping, and stuff.

The presentation is amazing. Everything has color and textured beautifully. The graphics are awesome! Even Sackboy, though just a boy of sack, looks great with quite a lot of detail. The level design is excellent too. Every level in the game feels different.

The music is also amazing. Every single song is charming and really suiting to the game. The genres range from orchestral to funk. It's cool!

The level creation is so much fun! Just creating a world in your imagination and then playing it online is just fun. It is hard to use at first and kind of confusing, but with the help of great tutorials, you adapt to it pretty fast. You get a lot of materials to use and even more by progressing through the story. It's fun!

I also love the online functionality. It's fun to play with somebody online and working together to complete the mission. It can get bothersome at times. When someone gets behind a lot, the camera will start panning out, making it hard to control and advance, but it's still fun to just play through the levels with your friends.

I know I just mentioned the tutorials, but I got to say how good they are. They're very descriptive and really help you get through the level, or create the level, well. Not to mention it's brilliantly voice acted by a British dude. Great voice acting choice.

Overall, this game is a lot of fun. The few minor complaints, like the lacking story, frustrating spikes in difficulty, and occasional camera issues, are easily outnumbered by great controls, amazing presentation, catchy soundtrack, awesome creation tools, sweet online functionality, and helpful tutorials. This game must be played.