As a plat former, Sony did a great job on Little Big Planet, Its a lot going on in this game.

User Rating: 8.5 | LittleBigPlanet PSP
I'm not much of a fan of plat formers. I've played the Sonics & Raymans etc etc, I bought this game for my girlfriend to play. You play as a cotton doll named Sack boy & you can dress him up & even make him into a she. The platforming levels have a unique element to it There are 7 sections based on 6 continents, they left Antarctica out, but it would have been great if their was a Moon section after you complete earth. Some of the levels contain puzzles you must figure out to advance, the puzzles are a little tricky on some levels, but after a while you figure them out. I do not have online, but I also know one can create levels, share them & download other levels created by other users. All & all its a fun game & my girlfriends says the levels are cute. The highlight to me is the music. Great song selections & the music matched many of the levels, English speaking levels had English music, there was also Asian & African music for their respective levels. Sony did a great job & they really needed their on platforming brand. I say download this to your psp if you ever get a chance, especially if you have not upgraded to the PS Vita yet. I'll be a PS3 owner soon, and will most likely get this game and Little Big Planet 2 on the PS3. I give the PSP version an 8.5 score. Go Sack Boy!