The very definition of Hype

User Rating: 4 | LittleBigPlanet PS3

In my opinion, this is one, if not the most overrated titles in history! I cannot aprehend how the game with such a horrendous controls and camera could've got such high praise! I get that it has some genuinenly great ideas and very creative level design, but what's the point of all that, if the gameplay itself is an excercise in frustration? First of all, I can't remember any platformer that I played last 15 years that had such a terrible controls, 3D or side scrolling alike, and it's absolutely possible that they are truly the worst of all time! They're laggy and unresponsive, to make sackboy do a simplest jump that you didn't have any problem making in any other decent platformer is like driving 18 tons road train on monaco's mountain road! I think that anyone who have tried to finish japan level with rising wheels will agree with me. After killing about 20 minutes to get through that section, and eventually wasting all of my lives, I just ripped the game disc to shreds with my bare hands, which didn't happened for once to me throughout my gaming years, and I played a lot of frustrating games! Anyway, the camera is not making any better, it is painfully slow, so get ready to die a looot! To make things even worse, some genius thought that it would be nice to add limited lives on a level, so after lot's of pain you previously endured to get through two thirds of a level, there's a high chance you will have to experience it again! The physics is not any better, the game objects will never behave like you think they should adding to the overall frustration. The implementation of a coop play is just as bad. When someone is trying to join you online get ready to have a heavy stuttering that probably gonna get you killed, and the camera is getting from just bad to absolutely terrible! And what else is funny is that you're gonna get such a heavy lag from playing with 3 other miserable souls, that you would think that you are in some 64 player FPS match! All of that makes coop with more than one partner virtually unplayable, as you would drain your shared lives pretty quickly. All in all, the gameplay in this game is just a masochistic experience, and I can only assume, that sony paid tons of money, so this game get's such a high ranking from every game site. I'm giving it 4 only because of the original and funny art design, and some innovative features like level constructor, but all that is pointless, when the gameplay is so bad. To sum it up, LBP is one of the most dissapointing games I've ever played in my life and a total waste of anyone's money and time, so I'm glad that I haven't bought it for a full price.