Where's the promised stereoscopic 3D?

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I don't know how many people on these forums own 3D TVs but I was really pissed about Sony not keeping it's promise and omitting stereoscopic 3D in this title... anybody else out there that OWNS A 3DTV and is pissed at united front games and Sony for lying like this? Sony changed their description of the game from 3D compatible : yes to "no" just as the game was being released... James Grieve from United Front Games can even be quoted answering on the playstation blog that "we will be supporting 3D" when asked about the game's 3D support... The game did pretty awful in the reviews department but after seeing the 3D of other great racing titles like GT5, Wipeout and Motorstorm Apocalypse well I was really disappointed to see that they screwed us over this time around... (I only care about the opinion of people who own 3DTVs, the rest tend to be oblivious haters. I purchased a PS3 specifically to play 3D games and I got owned by Sony's fake promises)