This Game is one of the best games for PS3 bottom line

User Rating: 9 | LittleBigPlanet: Game of the Year Edition PS3
To start with when I bought this i had some doubts because of it's side scrolling little kiddish look. I also wanted to mention some other games I like so you have an idea what kind of gamer I am so here they are Uncharted 2 10/10, infamous 10/10, warhawk 8.5/10, mirrors edge 8.5/10.
So as you can see I am a hardcore shooter / action adventure game person.
pros and cons of little big planet


great online and of line multiplayer up to 4 players either way.

simple and easy controls there's only like three buttons you have to know.

Great trophies.

It never ends with the online levels of which there ore 2 million of now There are about 50 levels on the actual disc.

Good difficulty it becomes very difficult in the last few levels


some of the areas can only be accessed by more than one player meaning that f you want to get all the prize bubbles you have to play with more than one players.

Every once in a while you come across a minor glitch but nothing to bad