A great follow-up to a great game.

User Rating: 8 | Little Nightmares II (TV Edition) XONE

If you enjoyed the first game called Little Nightmares, you'll get a lot of the same in the sequel. This time you don't play as Six, you are the Runaway kid and you have to save yourself and Six herself. You start all alone, but at a certain point you get to meet Six with whom you'll collaborate along the way. You'll lose Six and you'll have to find her. In order to survive in this nightmarish environment you have to be smart to solve the numerous puzzles; also you must be fast because nightmare creatures will want to eat you alive. Sometimes, stealth is your best friend. The graphics is gorgeous, you'll feel all the time in a horror film and all the time under a certain amount of pressure. Overall, I liked it and I can't wait for the third one.