You wont believe how bad this game is

User Rating: 1 | Little Britain: The Video Game PS2
is little britain the worst game of all time? well it certainly is the worst game ive ever played. The first level involves you collecting cd's as Vicky Pollard on roller blades for no apparent reason. The game is stupidly hard i couldn't even do the first level on the easiest setting because the collision detction is so bad you click jump but Vicky still skates on for another 5 seconds before deciding to jump and the combo's you have to do to get some points are impossible to pull off. Also this is supposed to be mini games but 5mins of complete and utter boredom and frustration a level doesn't seem mini to me. I just thank god that i never bought the game and it was only my friends, he even tried given it to me its that bad!.