Its the only game in the villege thats really crap.

User Rating: 2 | Little Britain: The Video Game PS2
Britain, Britain, Britain all over this brave country, has classical comedy and land of Harry Potter.(In a posh vioce)
Little Britain game based on the comedy series the game is really poor. Its mainly a party game mostly mini games that look like been downloaded from the internet. There's not much to do in the game you get to play a few charcters that have there own like story such Andy, or Vikki Pollard or Emily and Flarance. Basic graphics but it does the job but not very good. Sounding has all the propper vioces and music. Gameplay similarly basic, but nearly unplayable. Lifespan you won't last more then an hour on it.
Its cheap and nasty if you buy it. Not even worth swapping your baby for it.