Don`t be tempted by the license!

User Rating: 1.6 | Little Britain: The Computer Game PC
Not going to be a long review im afraid, theres only so many words you can write about something with so little substance. This game is basicly a series of mini games all based on the British comedy Little Britian. you take control of one of the casts main characters play through a five minute game and hope to unlock the following mini game, all the while hoping and praying that the next mini game is even a little bit fun and doesnt give you flashbacks of playing on your comadore 64, yup it really is that dated.. Any thing positive i can say about this game is completly un related to the actual game itself and is due mainly to the at times amusing sound and cut scenes which are ripped direct in most cases from the show. Graphics are very poor indeed and look, look like they have been thrown together by some work experience student who was in a rush to take their lunch break, general presentation is also very poor , im still amazed at how games of this shabby quality can get to the shops, i guess thats what a tv//film license will do.

Conclusions, well in the wise words of Andy..... . . . "I don`t like it"