Although theres those OH! moments and LOL parts, liitle britain doesnt have enough stain power!

User Rating: 4.5 | Little Britain: The Video Game PS2
-Minigames are show based and are quite funny.
-That LOL moment with vicky pollard in a bikini on rollerskates
-If your a party person,worth the money

-No stain power
-No depth,storymode really would have been funny
-Notacebale glitch when Andy jumps off top bord and stays still.

Liitle britain is one of the funniest shows I've ever seen and when I saw the game and the 30 euro price tag I was all in.

However,I ws dissapointed.No storymode,just a compilation of stupid yet funny show based minigames.

Long story short,only huge,massive Little Britain fans will get more than 3 hours out of this .This game is good for parties,but nothing reaaly else.