Do you guys like karaoke? :3

User Rating: 9 | Lips X360
It's like karaoke heaven.
The microphones are great. Wireless, feel nice and solid, motion sensors for moving around like a ****. That would be a minus, but since it is karaoke, it's a good thing.
The initial song selection has something for everyone: from Chris Brown to Duran Duran, Nirvana to Avril Lavigne, Coldplay to The Jacksons.
It detects you voice pitch with satisfactory accuracy.
You can import any song you want and play it in Freestyle mode! The game still scores you for making noises similar to the music. You can sing all your way through your Knocking on Heavens Door mp3 and then start making air guitar and screaming at the mic for extra points.

Overall it's a really fun game. Not without it's nits to be picked, but really good for karaoke fans!

So why is it overall getting a lukewarm reception? I have no ******* idea. But if you like singing or just throwing massive partaaays like I do, get it. Now.

Do you guys like karaoke? :3


FUN: The most fun I have ever had with karaoke! It's BRUTALLY ENTERTAINING at parties. Especially cause you can simply configure it to simply play music, and as soon as someone picks up the controller and shakes it it automatically activates karaoke mode. So it's great.

HARDNESS: No difficulty selection option. It's hard in proportion to how bad of a singer are you. Which in this case I think it's a good thing.

VALUE: 70 bucks... Not cheap for a game. But with two high-quality wireless motion-sensing color-glowing microphones, 40 really good music tacks with videos and the ability to import some mp3, it's a really good buy. In fact, if you compare it with PS3's SingStar, which although it's a great karaoke game as well, only comes with 30 songs and two wired last-gen microphones for the exact same price, you know it's a great deal.

DETERMINANT FACTOR: If you're into buying a lot of musics through DLC, Lips has just started from zero, so don't expect a lot of content right now. If you're into that sort of thing, PS3's SingStar might be more of your liking.

STILL, I recommend Lips over SingStar for it's light and fun approach to karaoke. Kudos to Microsoft for pulling this off and I hope it only gets even better in the future.