A great fun game to have a break from your button bashing FPS

User Rating: 7.5 | Lips X360
The only thing this game lacks is the track listing, but with the option to upload your own mp3's this goes some way to sorting that out.

The tracks included cover a broad spectrum of music to suit everyone's taste from A-ha, The Proclaimers, to Radionhead and The Cure and it sits better in the mainstream than your Rock Band or Guitar Hero.

The XBL content is not there yet, but with more promised it can only get better.

Played this came with my wife who is not a gamer but a much better singer than me and the in game score reflected this. There are loads of options to tweak to your own preference, I play with the original music video and set the vocals to concert hall to belt out my favourite Cure track, Just Like Heaven.

Overall a great little game and with more content could keep it near the top of my now playing list.