Drunken fun for guys, Night in for girls

User Rating: 7 | Lips X360
This title is for all you Kareoke kings and queens out there that love belting out some classics at the top of your voice waking up the neighbours in the process...

A few things about this game:

Song List on the disc is a nice variety of songs, however not many to choose from. If you have xbox live and some gamerpoints then it's all good. Songs are reletively cheap to buy (160gp average per song but varies) and you get the Lovely music vids playing in the background while you are promped the words on screen.

Add your own songs: great idea with drawbacks, you can add any song you wish to sing and it scores you at the end of each custom song, however you need to write thease down as the game doesnt save it and has no name input capabilities. No words will come up on your custom songs (Mp3) so to sing them you either need to know the words or have your PC close by with a Lyrics website (Which my sister does btw) to get round the problem. The bonus is it plays one of a few pre made vids in the background while the song plays to stop the experience of custom songs getting a bit boring.

The Microphone's which are sold with this title are very very sensative and can sometimes produce feedback if you are either too close to the console or too close to your mouth which is a shame but still doesn't take away from the kareoke experience.

In my opinion, if you want to sing along to a good setlist, buy guitar hero world tour...plenty for both genders on there but for you R&B and pop fans this game does deliver but you get more out of it from the downloadable content you pay for (so far only 1 track is free to download....stingy considering the amount the GH franchise give away)