This game is one of the craziest games I have seen in a long time. It does more with less. Nothing but Hazards here.

User Rating: 8 | LIMBO PS3
Graphics aint everything, and this game proves that. No bright colors, no musical score, no dialog, no real story. I am wondering how they did it. I have been wanting this game since it came out, but they never made it available on the PSP. Now that I have a PS3 I had to download this game. What makes this game so cool is you actually feel afraid because of the gruesome ways you die in it. The sound effects sound so real, and the foggy black and white scenery is very scary. A platformer full of hazards and when your player dies he doesnt disappear from the screen, you actually see him drown, you see him get beheaded, you see him get electrocuted, you see spikes penetrate his lil body. Its like a freak accident ready to happen. You must be aware of your surroundings at all time. Never seen a plat former like this at all. I dont really see children playing this title either, it could give them bad dreams and keep them from sleeping. The sound execution is grade A, its like they found all the sounds that make our blood crawl and but it in this game. We have all these games now where you need a thousand colors, dialog, musical score etc etc and then someone comes along and makes a simple, but complex game like this that is so frightening. Some of the puzzles are really hard to figure out at first, but when you eventually figure it out, it is a very rewarding feeling. The only thing I dont really like about the game is the length and the ending. I wont spoil it here but with all you go though in this game the ending could have been better. The first play though may take a while because you have to figure out the puzzles, but once you do that you could probably beat the game in about 3 hours. I enjoy watching my girlfriend play it and to see her reactions, winches, flinching its almost funny that a plat former like this could suck her in and make her feel nervous. Good job to the creators of this game if you own a PS3 or PS Vita, download this game...Its a great thrill.