Stuck in Limbo

User Rating: 10 | LIMBO PS4

I don't give many "5-star" or "10-out-of-10" review scores for anything, books, movies, games...but Limbo is such a powerful experience that after playing it through the first time, I immediately had to go back and play it through a couple more times, and even after that days later now, I simply can't get it out of my head. I have "Inside", Playdead's successor to Limbo, in my queue, downloaded and ready to go, and just can't start it yet...I'm still stuck in "Limbo", pun intended. This game is, in a word, emotional. It's also unforgettable, and it will leave you with an impact you can't fully explain to people, because Limbo is a game you can't really describe, even after playing it multiple times through. I've never seen a game tell such a powerful story, all the while really "telling" you nothing. It's just an innocent little boy, struggling through this dark, dangerous, and mysterious world, and you're heart completely goes out to him. I found myself troubled by every death, even when they were almost entertaining or could be described as over-the-top hysterical, because I wanted so desperately for him to survive, to win, to make it to the end, and I felt like I failed him every time I stepped on a trap or strayed too close to danger, and he died a gruesome, horrible death...and in this game death happens a LOT. I cannot believe I'm just now playing this game six years after it's release, and am saddened that I missed out on true, rare greatness, for all these years. If you haven't played it, do yourself a favor and download it, and don't just play it, experience it. Don't read anything about it, don't watch videos of it, this is a game that is best lived by not knowing the shocking things that happen and the incredibly touching ending, before going in. This game, is simply exceptional, and haunting, and it's also the greatest game I've ever played.