Who's more excited for this than Versus XIII?

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I know SE announcing LR annoyed a lot of people since it means less focus on Versus, but honestly with the few details we know about that game does it really matter that SE aren't focusing on that.

Even though I haven't (yet) finished FFXIII-2 I am definitely more excited for this than Versus. I always thought that FFXIII had an interesting world and the supposed semi-action combat makes me more excited for this.

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too early to say anything ,,,, lets c how the gameplay and the world has changed ..accordingly if its more fun exploring and more dynamic would be cool

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I'm far more exited for versusXIII. Not to say I don't care about LR, but the same old characters are starting to get, well, old. 

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I'm excited for both more light is alwasy a good thing

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I'm more exited for Versus but LR looks like it could be pretty cool too. That being said, I haven't played XIII-2 yet.