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Don't think this has been posted already but anyway, the trailer came out today in the early morning. Doesn't seem anything special besides having a move basic, although more nearby real time, combat system and a lil bit of assassins creen mixed although it's probably triggered by terrain only so w/e. There u go
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I liked that trailer a lot. I've never understood the hate for XIII and XIII-2 so I guess I'll stop trying (and I've been a fan since I was a kid). They were both awesome with great combat. Turn-based games are fading away... the combat in LR:XIII looks good, but it's obvious that they are trying to cater to both turn-based fans and regular action/RPG fans. It's looking like FF XV will have just a regular combo system at this rate. Ah well, I'll buy LR XIII when it comes out, for sure.
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I really love this games and I am very excited about this one, I love lightning :D shes a great character, as you I also don't understand the hate, every FF game has been different, I'm just happy that Square Enix has followed their vision with the story that they want to tell and the game play, I really like the combat system, with turn based you could do the same attack every time no real challenge with the combat in XIII and XIII-2 you have to think that's what I like and the story just sucks you in.

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The only thing I'm worried about is they seem to have forgotten XIII-2. What about Serah and Noel? She's returned but forgotten that her sister kicked the bucket? Was really hoping for a continuation of the previous story line.