So apparently the Lightning Returns cosplays are being started?

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I just bumped into this campaign on the interwebz: Apparently a cosplay chick wants to do this thing in its full glory. I dunno about you guys but I'd love to see this thing come to life. She doesnt seem anything like that ex-porn star who got several thousand dollars to make a mediocre little Princess Peach cosplay. At least this chicks got balls! I hope that she reaches her money goal- I'd definitely be one to get photos of her if I see her at a gaming con. ;D First buying the game, and then seeing one of the hottest, most badass female characters come to life. Seems she'll be posting all sorts of pics of it when it's done since she connected her costuming page to it. It's a dream come true! ;D
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hmmm the game is not going to be released till like some time next year even after release i will not be getting it at launch day , but its nice to see some people trying to spur the next gen series of the games. otherwise it seems dead as i seen many say i do not like FFXIII.