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I have played all FF games and I utterly despise this title!!! They tried to resurrect the damn dresssphere system of X-2, and if that wasn't bad enough they put time limits on everything..Im so disappointed, because I really wanted to see the end to this 3 part nightmare, but I refuse to put anymore time into it!!

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Its the style of the game that you don't like. I played a lot of the FF titles, but I haven't really touched any console or RPG game for about 2 years so when I picked up Lightning returns, I really liked it. Coming from a person that plays league of legends for the past 2 years, seeing console graphics, rpg customization, and some** story was pretty cool.

I think the time limit thing is interesting, alittle too hardcore especially when you play on higher difficulty. If I never checked online for reviews and only judged the game from my handson experience, I would say it is a solid game. But since I read the common reviews, maybe it wasn't the best now that people are telling me where to look but still for a fresh console player the game was good. the end