RIP Final Fantasy

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It's a bad sign when my local shop is going to have to resort to paying people to take the massive amount of FF13-2 copies sitting gathering dust away from it.

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If you are in the mood for trolling, go on the GFaqs forum.

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What he said

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Final Fantasy is far from dead. XIII and XIII-2 were excellent. This generation doesn't seem to appreciate turn-based RPGs. It's too bad... At least we had XIII, XIII-2 and Resonance of Fate this generation because next generation will probably be devoid of turn-based RPGs.
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I'm sure Sony and Nintendo will still come out with good JRPG turn based games.

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Oh and other third party developers. I more meant that their are probably going to be plenty of JRPG's on Sony and Nintendo platforms.

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Final Fantasy is far from dead. XIII and XIII-2 were excellent. This generation doesn't seem to appreciate turn-based RPGs. It's too bad... At least we had XIII, XIII-2 and Resonance of Fate this generation because next generation will probably be devoid of turn-based RPGs.Kabbalistica

Don't forget Ni No Kuni, Eternal Sonata to name a few.

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i remember reading an article about ff, that they would never do a sequel to a ff game. they should have stuck with that. X2 was the first sequel and though i liked the fast pace battles, the game itself and story were not on par with previous games. i liked the whole concept that each game would have a different look and different characters, that way it always seemed fresh. with sequels its like, we've had enough of these characters especially if you didnt like them the first time around. i have yet to finish 13, but i will complete it and 13-2 before i say i dont like this franchise
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I wouldn't go as far as saying FF in general in dead. However, FF13 and FF13-2 were trash, and don't live up to a big name like Final Fantasy. You may have enjoyed those games. But let's face it, FF13 was nothing more than a hallway grinder, no character customization whatsoever, poor A.I. allies which are forced upon you, and a very, very confusing story if you play it for the first time. FF13-2 did a lot of things better, pretty much everything. But I can't get over that battle system. It's so boring, mindnumbingly boring. FF13 at least had some difficult fights, but all you do is switch paradigms, that's it! And in FF13-2, the game is so easy, you don't even have to do that anymore either. And this one's story was incredibly crappy.

So I am kinda relieved after playing LR's demo. Finally, control back in my hands! I decide what happens now, not an A.I..

I really enjoyed the demo. I can tell there's gonna be actual character customization! I was sorely missing that. Sure hope the story shapes up though. I enjoy the end of the world thing, but suddenly Lightning is out to kill people before something else does, she's fighting Snow. Aaaand SERAAAHH is back....but as a mentally deranged kid called Lumina. I have NO idea what to make of all this so I'm hoping the game tell me. And I literally mean "tell", I don't wanna see another page of a stupid datalog.

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First off neither FFXIII game is a terrible game, terrible compared to classic Final Fantasy(FF-FFX) sure, but also not the worst(close though). Second to me Final Fantasy died when Square merged with Enix over 10 years ago. I don't consider these Final Fantasy titles the same series(You see there is Square-soft Final Fantasy, and there are Square-Enix Final Fantasy two separate series(in my eyes)), nor expect them to be nearly as good, and maybe that is why I can actually enjoy them some what.

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@Kabbalistica: SE is destroying turn-based actually.. if they employed classic turn-based mechanics without the running against the time bull crap this game would be enjoyable.

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@Kabbalistica: It's not that they don't appreciate turn-based RPGs it's just that FF13 and 13-2 was really bad...not as bad as the piece of garbage that is 13-3 but bad non the less In all honesty FF 13,13-2 and 13-3 should of stayed in Japan cause the game's are a waste of time and money and is the sole reason why I'm not looking forward to FF15 and have absolutely zero faith in it or the franchise as a whole.

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Generally there are very high expectations of FF games. I'm a person that is all about the graphics, visuals, and battle system. I enjoy playing the fast clutch style of COD so a fast paced battle system present in Lightning returns was very fun. Oh wait not only is the battle system awesome, you can customize her armor and weapons and switch between them in battle. I didn't really mind the lack of character development, plot,etc that everyone else and the reviewers seem to be complaining about. Still.. If i was reading the story of ff13-3 as a novel, yeah I would be damn disappointed. Square enix really didnt have the time to make the game better, because ff13-3 was suppose to be the last game for the 360/ps3 era (the next gen came out 3-4 months ago which is about the same time ff13-3 arrived in japan). If only ff13-3 was made for the xbox1/ps4.. one could only imagine how the extra time/devotion/motivation from the creators would make the game that much better

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Why is Square Enix being blamed for making the franchise worse ??