Lightning Returns (Lightning becomes ETRO ....?) (Spoilers) (Speculation)

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As everyone know ff13 is based in Fabula Nova Crystallis and Square Enix has stated that they hope to have many games based in this universe as in their words it is meant to be square's next crowning jewel achievement. So that begs the question how does ff13 and now ff15 link into the one universe with its current mythos and story. at first i thought that it might just be the same gods and mythos used in the different games but now im starting to see parallels in the ff15 world shown in its trailers. One of these is a trailer from some years back ( this was done before ff13-2 was released and shows the portrait of Etro held in the hands of a grim reaper i know etro is commonly in ff13 referred to as the patron of death or there in is related to it but i dont feel this is the reason for it im getting a strong impression that ff15 and ff13 are linked. Here's why here's my hypothesis at the end of ff13-2 etro dies chaos is unleashed on pulse and on the new cacoon but in the end of the Lighnings story dlc we are shown lightning carrying on about some nonsense about becoming a crystal epitaph and she sits on Etros throne in Valhalla and turns to crystal. now we have ff13-3 lighnings return coming out and its story. Please remember that Final Fantasy 13's common theme is always gods/fal'cie medal ling or toying with humans and the repercussions of that medal ling usually being the short end of the stick for humans. (In the year 1000 AF, Lightning awakens from her 500 year long crystal stasis to learn that the world will end in thirteen days. Chosen by Bhunivelze to be the "Savior", she is given a new suit of armor and the task of freeing humanity from the darkness in their hearts and guiding them to the peaceful new world that will be born when Nova Chrysalia ends. Some people however feel that Lightning's task is the same as sending them to their deaths, and thus believe her to be the harbinger of the oncoming apocalypse, causing Lightning to become the target of different factions opposed to her mission. Along the way, Lightning will encounter old comrades and will have to free them from their burdens.) Now this seems a bit weird since Bhunivelze's goal has always been to get to Valhalla and the source of chaos so ofcourse there's gonna be a double cross somewhere along the line so here's what i think happens. A whole bunch of back stabbing Bhunivelze is thwarted a New World possibly World's (yes plural) is created lightning and palls become the Guardians/aion/eidelons of Valhalla/Etros Gate Lightning takes Etros place and becomes its protector, th seed of humnity scatters to the new word/world's centuries maybe millennium pass humanity thrives recovers and forgets and then the events of FF15 kick off. to top it off there have been some more recent comments made by square that indicate ff15 will be a SAGA and more possible games will share the Fabula Nova Crystallis mythos in which case if so if ff13 is connected to ff15 that means the Fabula Nova Crystallis universe will grow it also means that FF13 is nothing more than a prequel to Fabula Nova Crystallis and that in the future all the final fantasy's based in Fabula Nova Crystallis will be related to the events their of ff13...... so yea amazing possibility for world growth their huh You know i always wanted an origin story for the GF/edilons/aions i know we had an origin story of sorts in FF10 with the whole Zanarcand thing and all but if this does turn out to be a very complicated origin story then i just hope they end it well with lightnings return which dosent look that bad the Battle system seems alot more fast paced and whilst im still a fan of turn based im always up for new things. :) plus with the kingdom hearts style combat system and the whole seeing etros light in the sky thing in the new FF15 not to mention the shake spear quotes and the appearance and conversation between Noctis and Stella i cant help but draw parallels between romeo and julet add to that the whole fantasy based on reality thing ehhhh im thinking Fabula Nova Crystallis may evolve into and adult version of kingdom hearts but using subtle story elements from famous cultural tales/story's and mixing it up a bit with humans vs gods/fal'cie influence. Fabula Nova Crystallis: Final Fantasy "One myth, countless stories FINAL FANTASY XIII The New Tale of the Crystal Like the light that shines through the Crystal, the universe shines with multicolored content." (sources) and articles from