Lightning Returns CE , X+X2 CE. Digital Rivers delivery SUX!

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Ordered the collectors edition for this and X+X2 HD, gotta say Digital River is pathetic in it's service. If you have ordered both, you have to wait for March 18th to get them both cause they will only deliver once per order. If you break up the order and order them separately , it's $31.09 shipping total for both.. WHAT a PATHETIC SCAM!!! The last time I order off Square Enix online store. >.< Have to wait till March 18th plus delivery time to even play Lightning Returns.... what crap.... nice if they would let you know about this on their site before placing the order. I just think that they shouldn't have a problem shipping them as they are released. I ordered them December 21st and they just sent me an email yesterday informing me of their shipping policy and telling me to cancel X+X2 and reorder it, but it's gonna cost me $31.09 total for shipping. I'm not giving them $31 for free, so I'll just have to wait, just wanted others to know of their crappy delivery service.

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