I still dont understand the time limit thing

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What if I wanted to wander around the town for a while? grind? I know the game pauses when you are in a menu, combat or in a cut scene, yeah but there is a ton more to the game than that. I feel rushed and its the only reason im not getting this game. Unless stated otherwise.

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Chronostasis ability; it "freezes" the time clock for a couple of real life minutes and basically grants you an extra hour or so worth of in-game time. It can be used as much and as often as you'd like, as long as you have the GP

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@GeamzCG: I thought I would be rushed too, but it is quite the contrary. All you need to do is chronostasis which can easily be refilled. Battle a big monster and you have enough for a while. The battles and the story are pretty awesome too. You can pretty much complete the main quests(before the final quest) early and focus on side quests or you can do as many sidequests in between. There are so many and some have good backstories. So unless you are dumb enough to sleep at an inn and waste your time you can do a whole lot. Considering the time, they also added some other features to facilitate your movement from one location to another.