demo impressions, and some questions

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Hi guys. I'm from EU, and all I get to settle with for now is the demo. I believe other continents already have this game, we're always last. That's because some countries here want everything translated because they're too lazy to learn plain English. I hate them for it. Anyways, the demo.

I really like it. Incredibly short as the demo is, I played it for about 4 hours. I really like where the combat system is going. Thank GOD NO MORE A.I.'S!!!!!! I hate A.I. allies, with all my heart and soul. If you can't get it right, don't force it upon us.

Lightning's face looks different every FF13, and I like how she looks now. She got this face like 'I'll bite your weenus off".

It is a bit of a bummer that the battles take place in an arena again. Wasn't necessairy. I'm personally not a fan of these bright flashes every time I enter a battle. But that's a problem you probably don't have, since I play on a projector with a 120" inch screen lol. I especially love the ability to evade attacks, and counterattack. I actually spent over an hour playing with Dragoon to get the timing down for the counterattack. As a Ninja Gaiden fan, loving quick, fast-paced action, I love this.

I don't seem to be gaining EXP or anything. Just EP. Which is used for the slowmo. So how do you 'level up'?

My concern with these classes is, as with every RPG with classes, that most of them will become completely obsolete. Especially since I saw an option to create your own. Or is that basically the entire idea?

I also set a pretty nice score on the Zaltys boss. With a time of 1:37 as my record. But I've tried and tried, but I can't seem to evade/counterattack his flame burst attack. I can only guard it, which halves damage. Can I conclude that you cannot dodge this type of attack? Or is my timing still off?

And my final question. What is the point of 'walking' on the battlefield? She walks incredibly slow, and I've yet to find a use for it.

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your right no xp Side quests are available to increase Lightning's stats

Ive tried many times also that flame attack you cant block or evade

Zaltys boss I scored a 1:07 and posted all other fights get between 1:20-1:35